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Dr. C. S. Boland  (L) Associate
Fred Frederick (L) Associate
Sandra K. Geest (L) Associate
John A. Marchetti Associate
Linda M. Mendelsohn Associate
Althea Miller Associate
Carol Perry (L) Associate
Jeanette Sims (L) Associate
William R. Snyder (L) Associate
John P. Theofield Jr. (L) Associate
Anne Turkos Associate
Dr. Suzanne J. Tyler (L) Associate
Sue Vona (L) Associate
Morgan B. Wootten (L) Associate
Philip T. Calder (L) Baseball
Patrick Clarke  (L) Baseball
Daniel C. Crowley  (L) Baseball
Jan S. Deneroff (L) Baseball
John B. Flynn  (L) Baseball
Victor H. Jung  (L) Baseball
Joseph G. Kerley  (L) Baseball
James G. Kinsman  (L) Baseball
John Klvac  (L) Baseball
Robert J. Madden  (L) Baseball
Carol Martz  (L) Baseball
Henry Miles  (L) Baseball
Eric Milton Baseball
Ross Moskowitz Baseball
John T. Porter  (L) Baseball
Jack Remsberg Baseball
Philip W. Rogers  (L) Baseball
William F. Schwartz  (L) Baseball
Donald E. Smith Baseball
Gerald Spessard, II Baseball
Dr. Douglas A. Strouse  (L) Baseball
Matt Swope Baseball
Edwin Thompson Baseball
Connie Whipp  (L) Baseball
William L. Witzel  (L) Baseball
Mike Wooden Baseball
Peter A Bozick (L) Boxing
Hal Donofrio (L) Boxing
William A. Holbrook (L) Boxing
Sherry Rodman  (L) Boxing
Natalie Booher Cheer
Laura Chiriaco Cheer
Chelsea Dove Cheer
Derek Kuipers Cheer
Keith D. Barrack Fencing
Guy L. Moore Fencing
John E. Jr. Simes (L) Fencing
Dr. Carolyn Brown Field Hockey
Kimberly Chorosiewski Field Hockey
Jane Leonard Field Hockey
Joan Murphy Nye  (L) Field Hockey
Lauren Pruitt Field Hockey
Karen Trudel Field Hockey
Denise Wescott  (L) Field Hockey
Dr. Susan A. Wood  (L) Field Hockey
Frank J. Armsworthy (L) Football
Peter W. Augsburger (L) Football
Edmond W. Barritt (L) Football
Marc Benson Football
Shawn B. Benson Football
Carl D. Bond Football
James Bowman Football
James Bragg Football
Davian Bryan Football
Walter H. Burnotes  (L) Football
Keith Calta Football
Michael Carr Football
Ned R. Chappell (L) Football
Mario Chavez Football
Jonathan E. Claiborne (L) Football
Jonathan E. Claiborne Football
Brian Conroy Football
Sean A. Cooper Football
Curome Cox Football
Ernest D. David (L) Football
Russell A. Davis (L) Football
Charles H. Day  (L) Football
Charles H. Day Football
Joe Drach (L) Football
Norman J. Esiason (L) Football
Danny Frank Football
Gregory Fries (L) Football
Shirley Fry (L) Football
Frederick A. Gawlick Football
Stan Gelbaugh Football
Craig Gienger (L) Football
Kevin Glover Football
Jonathan Grant Football
Benedict E. Grylewicz III Football
James F. Hagan, Jr. Football
John J. Hannigan Football
Gary Thomas Harraka Football
Michael S. Hay (L) Football
John Helmer Football
Andrew Henley Football
Darrius Heyward-Bey Football
Darryl A. Hill Football
Kim R. Hoover (L) Football
William Hughes Football
Barry W. Johnson Football
Daniel Kecman Jr. (L) Football
Dr. Patrick M. Kildea Football
John F. Langton Football
Ralph Lary (L) Football
Doug Lawrence Football
Kyle D. Lorton Football
Bob Lynn (L) Football
David Markoe Football
Dr. William E. Martin Football
Peter Mattia Football
Wendell McKay Football
Bruce Mesner Football
Gary Miller (L) Football
Joseph M. Muffler (L) Football
Frank Navarro Football
Paul Nestor (L) Football
Ronald J. Ohringer (L) Football
Neal Olkewicz (L) Football
Angie Perry Football
Steven Pfister Football
Daniel R. Piper Football
James Ransome Football
Frank M. Reich (L) Football
C. William “Bill” Reilly Football
Mick Riggleman (L) Football
William Riggs Football
Kenneth D. Roy Football
Frank Russell Jr. (L) Football
Thomas E. Sankovich Football
James J. Santa Football
Tony Santy Football
Ken W. Scott (L) Football
Benjamin J. Scotti (L) Football
Eric S. Sievers (L) Football
Robert Smith Football
Dr. Mark Sobel Football
Ray Soporowski Football
Robert W. Sullivan Jr. (L) Football
John Tice (L) Football
James A. Tiesi Football
Ernest W. Torain Football
Billy Van Heusen Football
Marlin Van Horn Jr. Football
John Vucci Football
Jahmal Webster Football
Regis Whittington Football
Todd Wike Football
Jamie Wu Football
Kervin Wyatt Football
Alan M. Alsheimer, Jr. Golf
Deane R. Beman (L) Golf
John Eades Golf
Randy Hoffman Golf
Roger G. Martino (L) Golf
Ronald A. Righter  (L) Golf
Ronald Scales (L) Golf
Roger W. Simpkins (L) Golf
Ruth Chalfin Gymnastics
Ronanne DeRosa Gymnastics
Gretchen Kittelberger Gymnastics
Kara Klaus-Major Gymnastics
Cora Pedrazzi Gymnastics
Paul Ahearn Men’s Basketball
Gerald Bechtle Men’s Basketball
Dale Betty Men’s Basketball
Dr. Allan Bleich Men’s Basketball
Bob Bodell  (L) Men’s Basketball
John Boyle Men’s Basketball
Arthur H. Brzostowski Men’s Basketball
Allan J. Bunge Men’s Basketball
John P. Carlson  (L) Men’s Basketball
Connie Carpenter  (L) Men’s Basketball
Gini Chukura Men’s Basketball
Gene T. Danko  (L) Men’s Basketball
John Edwards (L) Men’s Basketball
Leonard J. Elmore  (L) Men’s Basketball
Steve Feeney Men’s Basketball
Frank C. Fellows Jr.  (L) Men’s Basketball
Gerald Greenspan  (L) Men’s Basketball
Gerald Greenspan Men’s Basketball
Jeffrey A. Hathaway  (L) Men’s Basketball
William M. Hetzel Men’s Basketball
Rodney P. Horst Men’s Basketball
Dr. Paul W. Jelus  (L) Men’s Basketball
Dr. Paul W. Jelus Men’s Basketball
William B. Lake (L) Men’s Basketball
C. Thomas McMillen  (L) Men’s Basketball
James E. Merna Men’s Basketball
Perry Moore  (L) Men’s Basketball
Donald E. Moran (L) Men’s Basketball
Donald E. Moran Men’s Basketball
Curtis A. Prins  (L) Men’s Basketball
Matt Raydo Men’s Basketball
Matthew R. Roe Men’s Basketball
Christopher Tomlinson Men’s Basketball
Troy Wainwright Men’s Basketball
David F. Webster Men’s Basketball
Gary B. Williams  (L) Men’s Basketball
Thomas J. Young Men’s Basketball
Frederick R. Betz Men’s Lacrosse
Thomas A. Church (L) Men’s Lacrosse
David B. Dempsey Men’s Lacrosse
Marc Dubick Men’s Lacrosse
Neal Dupcak Men’s Lacrosse
Dr. Marshall W. Fesche (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Kevin Hart Men’s Lacrosse
John Heagy (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Joseph W. Janssens III Men’s Lacrosse
James R. Kappler (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Michael T. Kozak Men’s Lacrosse
Frederick D. Kramer (L) Men’s Lacrosse
John A. Lamon III Men’s Lacrosse
Thomas A. Lillis (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Frederick O. Mitchell (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Richard M. Moran (L) Men’s Lacrosse
William Pettit Men’s Lacrosse
Wilson Phipps (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Wilson Phipps Men’s Lacrosse
Wilson Phipps Men’s Lacrosse
M. Wingate Pritchett Sr. (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Maxwell Ritz Men’s Lacrosse
Richard Scarbath (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Mike Scheeler Men’s Lacrosse
 Mark M. Shores Men’s Lacrosse
Leroy C. Skinner (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Arthur R. Sleasman (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Julian B. Stevens, Jr. (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Gavin Stringer Men’s Lacrosse
George I. “Fritz” Waidner (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Patrick Walker (L) Men’s Lacrosse
Mark C. Wheeler Men’s Lacrosse
John Axley (L) Men’s Soccer
Col. Ernest J. Betz  (L) Men’s Soccer
Lance W. Billingsley Men’s Soccer
Raymond J. Buckley Jr. Men’s Soccer
Mr. Roger Hale (L) Men’s Soccer
Servando Llanio Men’s Soccer
E. Mark Mahone Men’s Soccer
Harold L. Norton (L) Men’s Soccer
Joel Perrell, Jr. Men’s Soccer
Doyle P. Royal (L) Men’s Soccer
R. Calvert Steuart (L) Men’s Soccer
Charlie Sturges Men’s Soccer
Ronald H. Williamson Men’s Soccer
Gabor Zsebo Soccer
Tom Gary Rifle
Charles A. Moore Jr. (L) Rifle
Maribeth Bates Schorn Swimming
Victoria E. Brennan Swimming
Vincent A. Carmosino Swimming
Mary Ruth Chapin Swimming
Peter B. Chapin Swimming
John Closs Swimming
Hope Cullen Swimming
David J. Diehl (L) Swimming
Jodi Douglas Swimming
Dr. David A. Fields Jr. (L) Swimming
David Fleming (L) Swimming
Scott Grayson Swimming
Jeff Griesbauer Swimming
Joseph Haddon Jr  (L) Swimming
Charles L. Hoffman Swimming
Carolyn Kaucher Swimming
Anna L. Malakates Swimming
Drew Marcks Swimming
Tom Marriner Swimming
Stephen H. Mattutat (L) Swimming
 Brian McGinty Swimming
Kristen Nessel Swimming
Kimberly Ann Peifley Swimming
Robert P. Petrovich (L) Swimming
Julie Schorr Swimming
Harry R Squiers Swimming
Charles D. Stillwell Swimming
Charles D. Stillwell Swimming
Christopher E. Streight Swimming
Gregory Sullivan Swimming
Paul G. Sykes Swimming
Dr. Ira Titunik Swimming
Judy D. Woolls Swimming
Ben Dyer (L) Tennis
Gene Gerber Tennis
William D. Hauck (L) Tennis
Jared S. Kaplan Tennis
Albert Ritzenberg (L) Tennis
Edward L. Bailor Track
John Baker Track
Marjorie Baker Track
Melissa A. Brennan Track
Martin L. Brotmarkle, Jr. (L) Track
Lucile Cancre Track
Bruce Carson Track
Mark J. Cooga Track
Robert Duru Track
Patty Fields (L) Track
Patricia Ford (L) Track
Thomas A. Gagner Track
Donald M. Goldstein (L) Track
Jason Grant Track
Martin Green Track
Floyd Hawkes Track
Barbara Kehoe (L) Track
Renette Kirton Track
Nick Kovalakides (L) Track
Peter Kowzun Track
Harrison LeFrak (L) Track
Edmund H. Lloyd (L) Track
Johanna Mansilla Track
James F. Meehan (L) Track
Dr. Dave Milzman Track
Daniel S. Phelan Track
Keri M. Phillips Track
John Prevar (L) Track
Douglas E. Rupp Track
Steve E. Salup (L) Track
Perry L. Sandler Track
Jackie Reilly Schmoll Track
Louise Schutz (L) Track
Karin Sonneman Track
John D. Stevenson (L) Track
Jerome J. Sweeney Track
Brad M. Turley (L) Track
James T. Umbarger (L) Track
David Ungrady Track
Sherry Smith-Atiemo Volleyball
Amanda Ayres Volleyball
Eden K. Burks Volleyball
Page Croyder Volleyball
Kelsey Amanda Hrebenach Volleyball
Laura Rogers Keehn Volleyball
Susan G. Gioia Kerr (L) Volleyball
Kelli Myers Volleyball
Teryn Papp Volleyball
Brie Jackson Women’s Basketball
Helena Bragg Women’s Lacrosse
Bean Dupcak Women’s Lacrosse
Martha Raver Women’s Lacrosse
Shelley McDuff Women’s Soccer
Lauren E. Gamble Women’s Soccer
Onyeador, Olivia Women’s Soccer
Kimberly Evans Fulks Women’s Tennis
Diane D. McClatchy Women’s Tennis
Kitty Ayers (L) Wrestling
Kevin L. Colabucci (L) Wrestling
Kevin L. Colabucci Wrestling
Richard DiPietro Wrestling
Matthew L. Groom Wrestling
Steven S. Hiltabidle (L) Wrestling
Kevin Kearns Wrestling
Arthur O. Marinelli (L) Wrestling
Robert C. Papa Wrestling
Robert T. Stumpff (L) Wrestling
Robert T. Stumpff Wrestling
James Arnoult
Kevin Biringer
Laura A Brunner
Eric Calendine
Kelly Coppedge
Cary Dimmick
Peter Fayne
Micheal Gaffney
Robert Hardiman
Jessica Hollandsworth
Joshua Horton
Allan Levine
Kevin Livingston
Daniel Maddox
William ODonnell
Ann Papariello
Elise M. Pittman
Hubert Stockhausen
Bruce Wallick
 Kendra Wells

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